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Who Is In charge?

  • Who oversees determining your success? Your journey to the road of success is your journey and you determine when you are successful.

  • When you are doing something for the first time or you are doing something different, it is common for you to be a little uneasy or wonder if it will be accepted by others, but should your measure of success come from the opinion of other people?

  • You should feel that you are successful when you have accomplished what you set out to do.

  • Stay focused, pitstops, distractions, insecurities are a few things that can derail, delay, or block your path to achieving success.

  • A major milestone in embracing your success is getting past the judgement of others.

  • Stagnation occurs when you stop achieving and start wasting time wondering what others think about what you have or what you are doing.

  • So, settle on an idea, make your plan, map your steps, complete the process, and determine if it is a success. I Will, Will You?

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