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About Us

I Will, Will You? Is an organization that is focused on reaching all members of our society. One of our main targets is a segment of our society that is living with the feeling of being left out. We believe that everyone should know that they are important and valuable. We have discovered that due to the increased usage of social media platforms, we are faced with an alarming number of people both young and old that are seeking acceptance.

What We Stand For

We understand that it is important to show people that we care. We operate under the premise that if you have the opportunity to pour good into someone’s life you should. Based on the work that we have done in the community, we believe that teaching others that self-acceptance is more important than acceptance from others.  We believe in the work that we are doing and will continue working  to remove or reduce the need to be accepted by others. Our work involves teaching everyone that self-acceptance is a valuable resource that we should all work to  build up.


Help Support Our Mission

Purchase our merchandise to help support our mission of never letting someone feel left out or not accepted. Every purchase goes toward community outreach and connecting with those who feel lost in the growing social media world. Believing in yourself and knowing you are enough gets all of us closer to a better world. 

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