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Who are you following?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Have you driven on a route that you normally drive, only to discover that the street is closed for construction? Recently I had this to happen.

As I reached the sign that read, “Road Closed for Construction, I was forced to take a detour. I was confident that I knew an alternative route so off I went, only to discover that I had taken a wrong turn and ended up on a dead-end street. To my amazement there were several cars that followed me, one car after the other. They all ended up on the same dead-end street that I had taken.

This is pretty much how life happens. One person leads, and the others follow. They follow without a clear understanding of where they are going to end up.

It is easy to take a wrong turn, many are hopeful that the way that they are going is the right way. The wrong turn that I made, took me out of my way, delayed my progress, was an inconvenience and confused the other drivers that followed me.

What happened to me, is how easy it is to end up going the wrong way. We go the wrong way, when we follow the wrong person, whether it be in a car or with our life choices.

So, before you follow someone make sure they are leading you in the right direction. I Will, Will You?

Exercise Caution When you:

  • Follow trends

  • Lifestyle choices and changes

  • Bad Advice

  • Attitudes

  • Hurtful ways that people treat people

  • What’s popular

  • What’s new

  • Unfounded fears

  • Who you follow on social media

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