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What Anger Does

  • Anger robs you of the chance to have a peaceful day.

  • Creates frustrations, builds up negativity, keeps you in a mental fog.

  • Magnifies mistakes and the shortcomings of others.

  • Causes the breakdown of lifelong friendships.

  • Breaks down the wellness of your body.

  • Interferes with your ability to recovery physically.

  • Invites the feeling of paranoia.

  • Promotes criticism, jealousy and fear of losing out.

  • Rejects true love, forgiveness, and kindness.

  • Blocks your view of the opportunities that are available.

  • Lacks compassion, empathy, sympathy.

  • Surrounds you with unfounded burst of rage.

  • Denies you the ability to reason within sensible situations.

  • Blocks the chance for you to trust the process of Christ.

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