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The Role of The Eyes

The eyes are a magnificent organ that helps us to see and move around. We can also train our eyes to only see what we want to acknowledge. Our eyes guard our secrets and can also tell the story of our lives.

However there are times that we use our eyes to look over people that are in need. We often see people that have a need, and we will walk past them as if they are not there. We sometimes look down on them and wonder what they did to get themselves into that situation. We have nothing to offer but a look, a quick glance, we will usually look away before they see us looking at them.

Some of us have trained our eyes to only see people that pass our visual test. We are only attracted to the exterior image of a person, the outer layer of what we can see on the surface, if the person does not pass our visual test, then we will just write them off.

We need to get pass just looking at people that have a need and start putting action with our looks. We have to make an adjustment to those eyes that criticize and stop looking at others, judging them without taking the time to understand their story. I Will, Will You?

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