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Rise Up and Live Out Your Destiny

Have you ever heard the phrase “Rise to the occasion”? What does it mean to Rise Up? References are commonly made to various things that rise up. When baking a cake, the hope is that the cake will rise up, after all, no one wants to eat a flat cake, a cake that is doughy or a dry cake. Cakes are expected to be moist, fluffy, and tasty. The sun is another thing that rises which brings pleasure to the viewer. The sun can add a beautiful glow, bronze the skin, and warm the soul. The rising of the sun is always the beginning of a brand-new day. If not properly controlled occasionally anger can rise up in an individual that can be harmful to those that are around them.

When it comes to our spiritual man, a person can rise up to worship, rise to the occasion and rise up to live out one’s destiny.

Making time and taking action to rise up is important to reach one’s destiny, because staying grounded, or stagnant are actions that prevents movement. When you rise up to reach and live out your destiny you rise to an occasion that has been mapped out just for you. Destiny is unavoidable which means it has been prepared in advance just for each individual, so regardless of what type of detours you take while on your spiritual journey you will fulfill your destiny. When you rise up to live out your destiny, you will reach a level of integrity, awareness, confidence, self-assurance and satisfaction that supersedes any form of accomplishment that an individual has probably ever experienced.

Old Testament bible reading is a reminder that the destiny of mankind has already been planned and prepared, the expectation is that they will make a decision to accept, rise up and live it out. Scripture reads in Isaiah 55:11 “So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it”. The scripture describes that when the word of the Lord has been spoken over you, regarding any matter, it doesn’t matter what your current situation looks like, your path will have to change to fulfill the plans that the Lord has spoken. The Old Testament passage is a reminder that when the lord has spoken over you, it has to be fulfilled because his words will never return to him void, without accomplishing the plans he has laid for you. Place your trust in the word of God, rise up to accept and embrace the words that have been spoken over you regarding your destiny. I Will, Will You?

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