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Make a Plan

Is it a true statement, that negative thoughts are more powerful than positive thoughts? When making plans, is it possible to only concentrate on the thoughts that will lead to a positive outcome. Can the thoughts of what if's, be dismissed? When positivity is the primary goal, there must be an intentional plan to stay focused on the positive. If not, the thoughts of doubt will always find a way to creep in, to under mind the ability to only think about things in a positive way. Your thoughts are one of the most powerful functions of the human body. Your thoughts can determine what type of day you will have, just based on how you think about things. It is possible to make a plan to keep positive thoughts in the front of the mind, while pushing negative thoughts to the back of the mind.

Make a plan of how to think about things. Taking on the task of changing one’s thoughts about a situation or a conversation can change how you view the outcome. To help stay focused on positive thinking, some individuals start their day with reading positive motivation messages and recite words of encouragement throughout the day to keep their thoughts on positive things. When things happen never take the position of being an underdog, always take the position of being an overcomer. Unpleasant things may happen but if they are thought of in a positive light, the heavy burden of negative thoughts will be pushed to the bottom of any thoughts.

There are scriptures in the bible that speaks of how believers should handle their thoughts. It reads in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ”. The scripture provides instructions on how to handle one’s thoughts. If God sees you as good, then you should destroy the thoughts that tell you that you are not. It is important to remember how God sees his believers. It is helpful to know that the thoughts that others think about you are not important and have no power to control how your day or life turns out. Apply the thoughts of positivity to all issues and situations and you will feel the burden of negativity fall to the bottom of how you think. I Will, Will You?

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