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Know Your Worth

What does it mean to know your worth?

When you know that you know something, there is no way that you will waver from what you know. For example, one thing that you know for certain is your name, when you are asked what’s your name you say it without hesitation. When it comes to you knowing your worth you should have the same assurance.

Your worth is not something that should be negotiated or something that you must prove to anyone. When another person requires you to justify your worth to them, you should not waste your time proving that they are wrong. You should not waste your time proving that they are wrong because their mind is already made up about how they view your worth. When you know your worth, you walk with a boldness that cannot be shaken.

You should not be concerned if others do not see your worth, you should only be concerned if you stop believing in your worth. I Will, Will You?

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