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What is a path and what does it mean to be on a path? According to the definition in Merriam-Webster dictionary a path is defined as, a track specially constructed for a particular use, a trodden path, course, route, a way of life, conduct or thought. Based on the definition provided, a path can be a journey that is directional, or structured, and constructed for a designated use. A path of clear thoughts can become obscured, blocked, altered by distractions or confusions. A path can lead an individual on a journey of blissfulness. A path can be taken, while you take a scroll through a garden, a path can lead to a route that can be filled with darkness. Darkness that leads into the wilderness or a mind set on destruction. The path can be well lit that leads you through a meadow lined with flowers, birds, and trees.

A path is what one decides they want it to be, it can mean many different things to many different people. A path is occasionally designed to reach a destination. Individuals make plans to follow the path, that they have chosen. A chosen path could be one that leads to success. It’s not often that an individual would choose a path of confusion and destruction, however if not careful an individual may find themselves on this type of path. A well-traveled path can become muddy, if trodden on when the path is wet or soaked with rain. If not used often a path can be blocked with litter or overgrown with greenery.

There is one path that should be well traveled and traveled often and that is the path that leads to becoming a believer of Christ. According to scripture that reads in Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. We are called to be examples for the world to see and follow. To be a believer of Christ it is expected that followers will choose a path that is well lit, one of good deeds, be accountable, obedient and to follow what the word of the Lord instructs us to do. Choosing the right path comes with responsibilities, that will help others to know which path to follow. Be the one that is on the right path, that lights the way that leads others to Christ. Keep the path open and free from obstructions, for those that have fallen off the right path, for them to come back. If at all possible, never block the path of anyone because they may need an outlet, way or an avenue to travel back from when they get distracted or fall off of their path. I Will, Will You?

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