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Have you ever wondered what would be different if the word “IF” was applied in more situations? If given a chance, would people make corrections on their own without having to be told to do something? Would tempers not flare and frustrations build to the point of boiling over if given a chance? The word “If” is a very small word that only consists of two letters. However, when the two letters are put together to form the word if, the word can carry a lot of influence and can change the outcome of various situations when used.

The possibility exists that in certain situations, a person may take longer than we expect them to take to complete a task, but if given a chance they will eventually on their own get around to completing the task or making a decision that we wanted them to make. They just might need more time to process what needs to be done, or they may not understand the urgency that someone else feels about the task or situation. What if you could view the situation from another person’s point of view or through their eyes. Having a different viewpoint may allow you to show more compassion, have more patience and be less critical. Often, we finish the thoughts and sentences of others believing that we know what they are about to say. What if we give them a chance to finish their own sentences, make their own decisions and act when they are ready. Correcting a person too soon may cause them to feel badgered and nick picked.

The word if can also be found in the scriptures, Mark 9:23 Jesus said unto them, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. The following passage describes the benefits that one will receive if they believe. The decision can only be made by them and at the time when they are ready. What would be different if you gave them a chance? It is important to consider the word “If” when dealing with others. I Will, Will You?

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