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Why Everyone That You Meet is Not Happy That You Are Happy

Have you ever encountered a person that is always bitter about life and complains about almost everything? You can have the biggest smile on your face, and they will ask you what is wrong? As for me, I have never viewed a big smile on a person’s face as a sign that something is wrong, but the person that never sees the rainbow in the sky is confused about the smile. I have seen this type of person and I have often wondered what is going on with people like that, why are they afraid to show any sign of happiness?

People who think like that often despise seeing other people laughing, and content with life. The happiness of others is a threat and a challenge for them. It is a challenge for them because they don’t understand it. Their ultimate goal is to ruin the day of those that are showing any signs of being happy, those that have a cheerful outlook on life. The unhappy person wants to destroy the happiness of others. Unhappy people are intimidated by the happiness of others and are not satisfied unless they can get other people to act bitter and resentful like them.

When you encounter a person that refuses to show any signs of happiness, do not allow them to get under your skin and ruin your day. Keep smiling, because your actions might be what is needed to change the way the person that has not discovered that they can be happy too, I Will, Will You?

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