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When Your Turn Comes

We often take turns using equipment at the gym, kids take turns sharing a toy, and drivers take turns at stop signs. We all have an opportunity to take turns at various things, even the act of extending courtesy. We can all learn something when it comes to taking turns.

Have you ever had an unexpected act of courtesy extended to you when you did not deserve it? How did that make you feel? If you have ever had someone to extend an unexpected act of courtesy to you, then you probably felt relieved and expressed a high level of gratitude to them. Being that you recognized their generosity, if you were given the chance, you would return the courtesy.

However, there are some people that will refuse to extend any level of courtesy to anyone for any reason. These people like to hold every offense that a person commits over their head. These people don’t believe that courtesy is warranted. These are the same individuals that require more courtesy and forgiveness than the average person but will withhold what has been extended freely to them from others.

What will you do when the time comes for you to return the courtesy? When your turn comes, will you recall the courtesy that was extended to you and give it to someone in need or will you withhold the very thing that will provide them with a level of relief that they need, to help them get through what they already feel bad about?

Now that it’s your turn to recall the courtesy that was extended to you when you did not deserve it, should make giving away what was given to you freely, an easy act for you to follow and extend courtesy to others. I Will, Will You?

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