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When you are feeling frustrated.

On December 15, 2020 at 11:35 am, I knew that I had to do something different. On this day as I was carrying on with my unusually busy day, the phone rang. Answering an incoming call should be easy enough right? So I picked up the phone thinking I will just answer it,

I could not get the phone to stop ringing. With that one little act I just started to feel frustrated to no end about my cell phone situation. I was so angry that I felt like I wanted to throw the phone across the room into the wall, but I knew I couldn't because it would damage the wall. I could not understand why the phone had so many problems, problems that I did not know a phone could put you through.

The phone was at the point to where it would type messages on it's own with emojis and all. Not sure how but, somehow the phone would put a series of words together and form sentences. Sentences that I did not type. Was this phone trying to read my mind? The phone would get stuck on a screen and would not move. No matter how many times I pressed the back arrow it would not move. I would try to send text messages to my family, family living in the same house and the phone would just spin. There were several occasions where I would just get up and walk to whatever room they were in and deliver the message myself. I knew I had a phone that I could not depend on there were so many things wrong with the phone that I don't know how I was ever able to make, receive calls or send text messages.

So you can probably imagine how frustrated I was feeling on this day because of a cell phone.

Man at his wits end
Feeling Frustrated

I had reached the place of wanting to make a change. I finally got tired of making excuses about why I could not read text messages that was sent to me or why I missed calls because I was unable to answer the phone. I was thinking about the phone and the level of frustration that I was experiencing I knew today was the day that I needed to do something. So I did, I called my cell phone provider and ordered a new phone.

When you are faced with feelings of frustration you should examine the situation.

  • Get to the root of the feeling.

  • What is the cause of your frustration?

  • Is it something that you can change?

  • What steps are required to make the change?

  • If there are multiple things, then you should tackle one thing at a time.

  • If there is something that is causing you to feel frustration and it is something that you can then you should address it, fix the issue and move on.

  • That's what I did, Will You?

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