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What They Know

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “They knew I was going to do that”? How would they know what you were going to do, if it was never communicated to them what your plans were. Without communicating with other people what you are planning to do it’s impossible for anyone to know exactly what your intentions are. That statement also suggest that others should be able to read your mind to see what your thoughts are.

They probably don’t know as much, as you think they should know, about your intentions.

When you don’t clearly communicate what you are doing you will most likely become offended when someone does something that you believe crosses you in some way, but they don’t know why you are offended. Since none of us are mind readers, we can save ourselves a lot of frustration and anger and let others know what our thoughts and plans are. When other people know your thoughts or plans, they will probably stay clear of what you are planning. They will stay clear because they will not want to disrupt what you are working on or offend you and your efforts. No one wants to put in several hours of hard work or thinking, only to have someone come behind them and undo everything that you have done.

So, before you start to talk about what they know, let them know so that there will not be any issues with other people knowing what your plans are. I Will, Will You?

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