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What is Blocking Your View?

Why is it that two people can do or say the same thing but they will get a different response or reaction from the same person? I asked that question because I wanted to know what’s the difference between the two people that would warrant a different response. I was told that their response would depend on the person and whether they like the person. You should never dislike a person; you can dislike their actions or response but never the person.

It is sad that we treat people how we view them. We should interact with the person first before forming an opinion about them or their attitude. I believe that there are times when people are misunderstood and viewed incorrectly. In some cases, people are viewed based on their outward appearance. They are looked at to see if they are smiling, do they seem friendly, do they make eye contact with you, are they loud, quiet or reserved? When you are viewed as not being approachable people will be less likely to come up to you and start a random conversation.

I believe that our vision is obscured, by the thoughts that we have about each other. If we take the time to get to know one another, we will probably put more effort into treating everyone the same. If we have positive thoughts about them, we will treat them like they are special and important to us. On the other hand, if our opinion of them is negative or we view them as being a nuisance, we will treat them like they are an annoyance to us.

I will unblock my view of others and treat them fairly. I Will, Will You?

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