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Value: Where It Comes From.

Should your value come from what you can offer or from the title that you hold?

According to today’s standards individuals are viewed and valued based on material things that they have or by their appearance. Should that be the case?

No that should not be the case, for no other reason except that you exist means that you are valuable as a person! Your value comes from within.

  • Your value does not come from the opinion of others.

  • You do not have to do anything to have value.

  • Experience is not required to be valuable.

  • Specialized skills are not necessary.

  • You do not have to be talented to be of value.

  • Wealth is not on the list for you to be valuable.

  • Your outward appearance does not determine your value.

  • An attractive stock portfolio does not change your value.

  • Membership to elite organizations is not a determining factor for your value.

  • Professional accomplishments do not increase your value.

  • Having lots of assets are not needed, because you are the asset.

  • Past mistakes do not decrease your value as a person.

Remember that you have value, and that can not be changed. I Will, Will You?

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