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Value: A Belief That Overflows

Thinking back on a conversation that I had the other day with a young lady that was applying for a new position within her organization, I was impressed with a statement that she made. As we ended our conversation, I said to her I wish you well, she smiled and said, “thank you, it will all work out, because if they don’t appreciate my value; I will just take my value someplace else.” I am of the belief that we should all have the same appreciation of our value.

So, what is all this talk about knowing one’s value? I believe that it is important for you to know your value if you don’t know your value other people will make an assumption of you and place a value on what they believe you are worth. Since everyone has a different approach of how they determine value you should not leave that job up to someone else. Value is determined differently because some people will base your value on your appearance, your social connections, your financial status, how popular you are, what they can get from you, or what you can do for them.

Being aware of who you are, helps you to have a good understanding of your value and provides you with the ability to communicate with others how you view yourself. If you never take time to get know who you are it may be difficult for others to see and appreciate your value. When you have not calculated your value, you will likely have a hard time getting other people to believe that you know your value.

When you know your value, you will act like you are valuable. If you constantly accept devaluation from others, you will eventually begin to act like less valuable than you are. Be the accountant of your value and always remember that everyone has value because we are all created by God. I Will, Will You?

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