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Unspoken Cry

Is it possible to cry silently for help? According to Webster Dictionary the word silent is described as “not expressed out loud.” The Webster definition indicates that when something is silent that it is not spoken or can be heard audibly. When someone needs help, their cries for help may not be easily recognizable as their cries are not spoken audibly and often go unheard. However, the cry for help is there. They might not be able to ask you for help and openly tell you that they are going through a struggle.

A cry for help may not be easy to recognize because it may not come as a direct cry or ask for help. The form that it comes in may not be the traditional format that you might be expecting. The cry could come as a random text, phone call, a visit, an invitation to have lunch or dinner, a request for you to drop by or no communication at all. The cry could come in any form to get your attention or some time with you. The cry could come as an uplifting message to you. The cry for help could come as a message disguised as encouragement to you, but really is a cry for help from them. Sounds confusing right, why not just come out and say they need help or ask for help. There are many reasons why a person may not come out directly and ask for help or let you know that they are dealing with a situation. There could be feelings of embarrassment, shame, fear of being ridiculed, feelings of awkwardness or just not wanting to burden you with their problems.

Learning to spot your loved ones or friends cry for help could be as easy as paying attention to changes that happens with them, but what about a stranger? Become invested and take an interest in learning how to spot the silent cries for help by being there for each another, listen to their conversations, pay attention to the content when they post random messages on social media or in text messages, ask questions, but most importantly let them know that you are there if they have a need. I Will, Will You?

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