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Under the influence

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Are we unknowingly under the influence?

We may not want to admit it but all of us are under the influence of something.

We are all under the influence of something, it could be.

  • Social Media

  • Television

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Associates

  • New Trends

The sole purpose of wanting us to be under the influence is to get us to believe something or someone. Most often messages are repeated to us, until we believe it is the truth.

Whether we notice it or not, there is an extensive list of things that influence us in one way or another. So, my question to you is what is influencing you or what are you under the influence of. Since it is highly believable that we are under the influence of something or someone, we should pause, take a moment to think and ask ourselves what is influencing us.

Is that which is influencing us:

  • Being Healthy

  • Adding stress to our lives

  • Providing options on how to relieve and cope with pain

  • Bombarding us with unhealthy thoughts

  • Adding emotional distress

  • Productive

Now that we have determined that it is highly probable that we are under the influence, and have identified what we are under the influence of, what steps should we take to deal with being under the influence? What is the best approach to deal with being under the influence?

Listed are six things to consider when you expect that you are under the influence.

  1. Accept the influence for what it is

  2. Investigate further what is influencing us

  3. Check the influence against the bible and scriptures

  4. Ask questions about what is influencing us

  5. Rely solely on what we believe to be the truth

  6. Do an assessment of the reason for the influencing

What would be your level of influence if you were randomly stopped and asked a series of questions to determine what is influencing you?

Would you pass the under the influence test or would you fail the under the influence test?

We should do a self-test to make sure that the influence that we are under is what we honestly believe and know to be the truth. I Will, Will You?

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