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The Struggle to Remain Positive

Why does a struggle exist between positive and negative? I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day and I had the opportunity to explore this very subject as it was an issue that was on my mind. In the conversation with my friend, I was asked a question that I did not answer directly, I kind of stumbled over my words and mumbled a little. When I did not provide a direct audible reply, my friend automatically assumed that my response would be no. I thought that this was a good time for me to ask my friend a question regarding their response to my lack of response. I wanted to know why they instantly had a negative thought about my lack of a response. They did not a have an answer to my question. My question actually caught them off guard and they began to stumble to find a reasonable answer, there was not one. So, this gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into a subject that was on my mind. We discussed the topic for a bit and then they finally said that they did not know why they had the negative thought.

My thought was that maybe they were functioning from a negative mindset. A negative mindset will never allow you to see the good in anything or anyone. Negativity seems to have more power and comes to mind before positivity. It is not clear to me why a negative thought would come to the mind first, after all It takes the same number of letters to spell both negative and positive. It is also possible that the thought could come from a past encounter with the individual which would explain why you have a negative view of them. I cannot imagine the person that I call my friend having a negative mindset when it comes to me, after all they seem to enjoy my company and conversations with me. So, what could it be, was it my lack of a quick reply that caused them to wonder about my willingness to assist them? I do not know and neither did they, but after our conversation I am sure that the next time that we speak, and they ask me a question and I do not respond immediately they will not automatically think negative, and neither will I.

I Will, Will You? change your way of thinking and not automatically think negative regardless of how tempting it maybe.

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