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Support, encourage, control your response.

Although we are in control of the impact of a statement that a person makes has on us, it sure would feel good to hear words of support and encouragement. When a person decides to make a lifestyle change to improve their quality of their health, that decision is hard enough without other people questioning their ability to stick to the plan.

The next time that someone decides to share a decision with you, that you believe will be impossible for the person to keep, pause before responding and think before you speak.

Now days it is common for us to doubt what we are hearing and then respond with words of disbelief. Although it may be hard to believe it is better to resist the urge to respond with negativity. It is okay to acknowledge that the choice sounds a little difficult, but that you are standing behind them and wish them the best.

Applaud their efforts, encourage them, ask if there is anything that you can do to assist them with their new lifestyle change. We need to stop bashing or undermining hard decisions that people are making to improve their health or other positive life choices, be an encourager of their efforts. I Will, Will You?

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