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Stretch for Strength

How have you stretched today? When I think of stretching for strength, the first thing that I think about is people that stretch before they start their work-out. I have seen people stretching before their work-out, so that they will not tear their muscles or be in pain after the workout.

Stretching works for me too, it appears to me that when I stretch before a walk around the neighborhood, my muscles are loose, and I am stronger. When I first wake up in the morning and get out of bed, that first stretch energizes me before I hit the shower. Getting loose and stretching allows you to feel stronger so that when you start your workout you will have more strength.

I believe if we stretch our thoughts, they too with get stronger in what we believe.

  • Stretch through the desire to be mean spirited.

  • Stretch through the urge to be unkind.

  • Stretch when you want to get upset and blow a fuse.

  • Stretch pass the desire to return evil for evil.

Each time you stretch through the pull or desire to not walk in love you will build strength each time a challenge comes your way. I Will, Will You?

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