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Are you a good storyteller? The story that we tell ourselves about the actions of others can take up a lot of space in our heads, we can have a positive or negative view.

Have you ever misjudged the actions of a person? Misjudged a situation in which you were thinking one way about the actions of that person, and they were thinking another way about their actions. Since no two people think alike all the time, at the same time, this type of mix-up happens more often than we are willing to admit. I too am guilty and have misjudged the actions of other people.

When was the last time that you told yourself a story about the actions of a person that was off base? To prevent misjudging people, it is always good to get in the practice of getting clarification on the actions and intentions of the people with which you are interacting. You do not have to question everything, but you should ask regarding what is not clear to you. Never be ashamed to ask a person, what they meant by what they said or did.

When it comes to how you view the actions of others, be a better storyteller by getting clarification. I Will, Will You?

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