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Something From Nothing

Is it possible to become something from nothing? Have you ever heard a person brag on their success because they believe they beat the odds of overcoming a label that was placed on them? The label that was placed on them was they were told at a very early age that they were nothing and they would never amount to anything. The message may have come from a misguided parent, friend, or caregiver. They were able to defeat the odds because they did not believe what was said and they set out to prove their accuser wrong.

However, in some cases, people were told the same thing. Those people because of other issues believed that they were dealt a bad hand, a hand that caused them to feel like they were nothing and had nothing to offer. Some people accept this label and carry this attitude throughout their entire life, these people may truly believe what they were told, that they are nothing and will never be something, but they don’t have to. Everyone is made of something.

Society views a good family name or believes the success of the family makes the people associated with the family as being connected to something. If it has substance, it is something. If you can feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it, or see it, it’s something. Everything that is something, starts with something, because it is impossible to get something from nothing. You start with something and can grow into something better, so never believe you are nothing. I Will, Will You?

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