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Small Things

Have you noticed how small things can get in the way of you moving forward from a situation or an encounter? Small things are really trivial things, but if not managed properly, small things will get in your way. As tiny as they are, small things can carry a lot of power. Small things can erase your confidence and prevent you from trying again.

  • It could be the smallest of unimportant things that hinders your success and derails your best laid plans.

  • It could be that a coworker walked past you and did not speak to you.

  • You pitched a new idea, but the company did not accept it.

  • You did not get a call back from a job interview.

  • You did not get any likes on your social media post.

  • Someone cut you off in traffic.

  • You did not get invited to a social event.

None of those small things really matter, they are too small and meaningless for you to lose your focus or cool over. You will waste precious time and miss the big things that need your attention. The next time you are faced with a small thing, keep your cool, view it as a growth opportunity and understand that the small things are just an interference or a distraction. I Will, Will You?

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