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Situations Change

Situations are events that happen often. They are unique, they have different meanings to each person, they come, and they go. Regardless of the type of situation you are facing, you should never allow a situation that is temporary to change who you are.

You are strong, resourceful, and determined enough to change the situation. When you allow others to see your strength and your unwavering stance to do what is right and just by being yourself, you can change the situation. The situation should not change you, but you should change the situation.

Earlier today I was watching tv and heard a lady speaking about how her situation changed so she felt that the only way that she could survive was to be like the other people at the school she was attending. After trying to change and feeling crushed under the pressure of trying to be like her classmates, she learned later that her differences from the others made her unique and added value to the situation that she was in.

Peer pressure can cause you to want to be like those that you are around, which could be the beginning of your downfall if what they are doing is harmful to you or another person.

Before you consider changing for your situation, carefully examine the situation to see how you can change the situation. I Will, Will You?

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