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Show Up

What does it mean to show up? To show up means to be there, present and accountable. There are many ways to show up. It is possible to show up for various occasions, such as the wants and needs of others, for a game, work, social event and in support of others but how do you show up for yourself.

To show up for yourself could be as easy task to accomplish.

  • Such as taking small mental breaks throughout the day,

  • Pacing yourself with activities that may cause you to feel overwhelmed,

  • Placing limits on involvement with the distractions of others.

  • Setting a schedule of when you are available for others to stand in support of them.

  • Show up in support of what’s in your best interest.

  • Stop second guessing your decisions.

  • Letting go of past disappointments

  • Not feeling guilty about taking time to pamper yourself.

  • Saying no or not yet to the demand of others.

How will you show up for yourself? However, you decide to show up for yourself, make sure that you do what is going to bring you the biggest level of joy, peace and love for yourself. I Will, Will You?

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