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Why would a person have resentment towards another person?

Over the years feelings of resentment has destroyed, countless relationships between individuals and friends. Destroyed relationships are because people allow their feelings of resentment to convince themselves to believe that they gave more than the other person. In general resentment arises when one person does something for another person, and they do not feel appreciated for their generous deed.

How do you avoid feelings of resentment? I believe that one of the ways that you can avoid feelings of resentment, would be to stop doing things for other people that you really do not want to do. When you are extending a good, generous deed or act of kindness, you should do what you do for others without expecting anything in return. Although it is common for human beings to have a natural desire to receive appreciation when they have extended a good deed to another person, it should not be what you expect.

As a generous person, you should feel nothing but gratitude when you are able to help another person. So, regardless of the reaction, the level of thankfulness or praise that you receive, you should feel satisfied with your efforts. Remember that when you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons you will not be concerned about the praise that you receive for doing what was in your heart to do. If you view the situation as something that you volunteered to do or agreed to do once asked, then you should not go back and compare a person’s level of appreciation to what you think or expected it to be.

Understand and know that you have no reason to expect repayment or praise. Do what you believe is the right thing to do and move on. I Will, Will You?

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