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Release, Freedom, and Peace

Have you noticed the reaction of something or someone that has been confined, how they react when they been released? When release happens, something or someone is freed from their previous condition or situation. The act of release is to be set free, without constraints. Animals, things, and people, can be released. Although the method of release is different for animals, things, and people, the reaction is the same, because release brings freedom.

Animals whether wild or domesticated, react in an excited way when they have been set free. The animal could have been confined in a cage, house, or car. A dog that has been confined indoors or in a cage, shows a lot of excitement once they are released. The animal may run at record speed, sometimes in circles to explore the freedom they have, after they have been released. A bird that has been captured and held in a cage, once released will fly high and far away. Some animals that are wild and are wounded may be captured to be nursed back to health. Once healed they are released back into the wild.

Manufacturers are focused on creating products to help improve the lives of consumers. Manufactures invest in research and development to look for ways to make the lives of consumers convenient, offer practical solutions and provide time saving options.

Manufactures make products that offer ease with clean up after cooking. The product could be a spray ingredient that is added to a cooking item or the container itself. Quick pan release is another way to release food contents from the cooking pan. Quick release prevents the food contents from remaining stuck in the pan, makes for easy clean-up, easy separation, and release food from the pan. Regardless of what method the release happens or is done, it most definitely results in a feeling of satisfaction and freedom.

Individuals that find themselves in the condition of poor health, maybe told that they need to be hospitalized to help aid in their recovery. The hospital stay may not be a happy time for them, so once they are released their excitement boils over. Individuals that commit offenses that are against what the law gives them permission to do, might find themselves sentenced to jail or prison. Once these people are release from jail or prison, once free from behind the steel gates or iron gates, they are happy and excited to have their freedom. Freedom to roam and explore ways to improve their lives. Once released they are happy to be on the other side of the prison gates to live with the basic human rights afforded to every individual. Individuals sometimes find themselves trapped in emotional situations that cause them to feel like they are in bondage. Sometimes you have to just let them go. Holding on just creates stress and unnecessary turmoil in the lives of those that are holding on to someone that has already released themselves from them. When an individual is released whether it’s from jail, prison, the hospital or from an emotional entanglement, they are always happy and breathe a sigh of relief when they are released from the facility or the emotional attachment that once had them confined.

The bible speaks of being released, it reads in Matthew 18:27 “Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt.The passage is about a man that owed a debt that he could not afford to pay. In the scripture the man’s master released him from his debt. The man was excited and very thankful for the show of compassion. The man’s reaction was like the animals, things and what the people had, once they were released. Release brings freedom and peace, it should be enjoyed when it happens, I Will, Will You?

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