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Resets are a quick and easy way to erase the current setting and start over. Resets can be used on buttons, switches, passwords, and human processes. Resets are the perfect way to start over and begin new. Reset buttons can be used to erase the current settings and start over with a blank slate. Reset buttons and switches come in a variety of sizes, methods, colors and are used to reset multiple things. Reset buttons and switches can be found on appliances, in cars as trip buttons and used on computer electronics to reset passwords. Individuals often use multiple methods as a way to reset, by taking a break from work, breaking away from the hassle of everyday life.

Occasionally an appliance may stop working and appear to be at the end of its life cycle. However, when the appliance stops working it could just need someone the press the reset switch or button. Once the reset button is engaged the appliance may once again began to work and provide the user many years of service. The use of the reset switch or button on the appliance performed a function that cleared the previous issue or erased the corrupt code. The reset allowed the appliance to start over and work as it was intended. So, before you trash something that may need a reset, press the reset button first. Resets are intended to give the user a fresh start, erase the past and start with a blank slate.

The use of trip buttons in cars are used in connection with a display panel that counts the number of miles traveled. The number of miles traveled will be counted by the number of miles the car travels. The number of miles counted could be for a one way trip or a round trip. Once the user reaches their destination, it is common that at the end of the trip, the miles traveled may be documented and compared to the gallons of gas that was needed for the trip, before being erased using the reset button. Once the reset button is pressed, the miles traveled will be erased and the display that once held the number of miles traveled with be cleared, of the numbers it once tracked. The user may use the reset button to erase the data on the tracker before starting a new trip.

Most computer electronics require a password to access the contents that is stored on the computer. If the password is forgotten, access to the contents on the computer will be locked in the computer until the correct password is provided. A password reset can be requested when the correct credentials are provided. The password reset erases the previous password and allows the user to create a new password that will allow them to access the contents of the computer. The old password is forgotten, and the new password is saved. The password reset is successful when the new password grants access to the user.

Resets functions well with material items, but resets can also function as an effective way for individuals to restart and recharge. Vacations are one way that humans press the reset switch. Having the ability to leave the workplace for a day, few days to a week or a month provides the individual time to travel, relax and have days filled with fun activities. Individuals also use resets for their finances, or friendships. Friendships that at one time was thriving but has hit a rough spot and needs a fresh start. The friendship is still valuable, it just needs a reset. Once the reset is started, the damage that was caused in the past can be erased or forgotten. The hurtful things that happened in the past that created a rift in the friendship, can be erased so the friendship can continue to last on for many more years.

Individuals and the church have a unique way of pressing the reset button. Revivals appear to be the way that churches engage with the congregation to reset their thinking and focus with the hopes of starting fresh and starting new. In the bible there are references about resets and starting over, it reads in Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” The scripture in Psalm 51 is a perfect example to show how individuals have many ways to do a reset. The bible is a good point of reference of what it means to do a reset. A spiritual reset according to the scripture is starting with a clean heart and a renewed spirit that is right within the individual. Resets are helpful with many different things and with people. Resets are the perfect way to start over and begin new. Reset buttons can be used to erase the current settings and start over with a blank slate. Are there areas in your life that can benefit from a reset? I Will, Will You?

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