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Pay Back

Is the statement that you are going to get what you deserve a true statement? The statement would imply that in some form that payback is coming one’s way for something that they may have done. When money is borrowed from a bank by applying and getting approved for a loan, you are required to pay the money back that you borrowed. The amount that must be paid back is paid with interest. Opening a credit card or a line of credit requires that the amount of credit that is used each month must be paid back. In some cases when family or friends dine out together to have a meal, one or the other may feel the need to repay the other back by treating them to a meal on their next outing. Helping someone in their time of need may cause the recipient that received the help to express gratitude with the intent of wanting to repay the indebtedness back when they get an opportunity.

Paying back what’s owed may cause the parties involved to feel equal, it wipes the slate clean from the feeling of being obligated to someone else. Paying back a debt that requires repayment shows responsibility. However, what happens when repayment for mistreatment is the goal. Meaning that the hurtful or hateful treatment that an individual has received, leaves them with the desire to payback the person that has mistreated them. Is payback the best approach when it comes to doing something that will cause hurt or harm. Is it fair to give individuals the same treatment that you received from them. Is it fair and should it be expected that when someone is mistreated that they should mistreat others?

According to scripture, as believers we are protected from getting the same treatment or payback for our actions from the Lord. Scripture reads in Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. The Lord does not payback what is deserved of those that walk-in disobedience, he first offers the opportunity for them to repent and come to him for salvation. The outcome may be different for those that refuse to turn away from a life of sin, those that have no interest of turning away from disobedience. When it’s your turn to payback and you get or have an opportunity to payback someone, make sure that what you payback is good. I Will, Will You?

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