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Obstacles can be formed in multiple ways and exists for various reasons. What is the best approach to handle an obstacle? When presented with an obstacle do you go around, over, under, or through it. Using any of the approaches mentioned will get pass the obstruction. However, getting past it, does not eliminate the obstacle. The obstacle will still be there, and you will probably encounter it again. Making the decision to go around the obstruction does not remove it either, because it will still be there, standing unmovable. Going over or under the obstruction may not be possible, but it also does not remove it. The one that appears to eliminate or move the obstruction is to go through it. Going through means that the obstruction will be broken, weaken which will provide the ability to penetrate it and allow passage to flow through it unrestricted.

As in life going through things that appear as obstacles in one’s path are better when addressed and handled. Going through provides the ability to tear down and destroy the obstacle. The bible also teaches about removing obstructions. It reads in Isaiah 57:14 "And it shall be said, build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstruction from my people’s way." The scripture speaks of to build up one’s faith and remove every obstruction from the believer’s way.

Encountering obstacles are common, but how they are handle makes the difference. To get through obstacles, tackle them head-on, work to find a solution, pull from your internal strength, develop a plan, and follow through. So, the next time that you are faced with an obstacle, you will be prepared. Remember that going through appears to be the best approach. You have been equipped with the strength, willingness and knowhow to go through obstacles that you find blocking your path. I Will, Will You?

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