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Never Give Up

When you have taken on a new task, you might be tempted to give up, but you should never give up.

Listed below are nine reasons why you should never consider giving up.

  • The finish line is closer than you think.

  • You could be one day away from your breakthrough.

  • The longer that you work towards achieving your goals the better you will get.

  • Your determination to never give up shows how bad you want it.

  • The commitment that you have demonstrated to your task is encouragement to someone else.

  • You will improve with each set-back and with each step forward.

  • You will learn something new as you move along the process.

  • Each day you will become more disciplined.

  • You should never consider giving up, because the reward is worth the struggle.

  • So, you should never give up. I Will, Will You?

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