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Missed Call

A missed call is a call that is not answered before it stops ringing. Phone calls are used to make a connection with an individual that one wishes to communicate with. Missed calls generally means that someone has tried to reach an individual but has failed. There are many reasons that a call might be missed. One reason could be that the person is busy, another reason could be that the phone is not near, when it rings, and they don’t realize the phone is ringing and lastly the person doesn’t feel like answering the call. However regardless of the reason, if not answered, the incoming call will result in a missed call.

There are occasions when there is knowledge of an incoming call. The ringing of the incoming call can be heard, the phone number or the person’s name that is calling can be seen, if the phone number is saved as a contact. When there is a call coming in, the recipient has the option to answer the call, send the caller to voicemail or just ignore the constant ringing. Answering the call will give the recipient an opportunity to speak with the individual who is calling. If the decision is made to send the ringing call to voicemail, the option is available to listen to the message later. The third option is to just let the call continue ringing until it stops. The three options listed will also result in a missed call.

Answering the call, before it becomes a missed call could be just what’s needed. The mood for the week could have been a week filled with various upsetting emotions. A week where God has been trying to speak to you in your spirit, but you are still in your feelings and appear to be stuck. Praying helps but you keep thinking back on the incidents that are disturbing your mood. Scripture reminds us in John 14:26 “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” God can speak in many ways, even through a person during a phone call. The call that you might be considering letting to be a missed call, could be a call to get your attention. The call that you thought long and hard about answering may turn out to be a call that puts a blessing in your spirit. A blessing to help pull you out of the sour mood that has been plaguing you all week. The caller may have knowledge to share that could be helpful in improving an individual’s confidence. The caller could be the link to help offer the much-needed prayer to change the intended recipient’s thoughts. The caller may have a testimony that will help an individual that is struggling with negative thoughts, make it through the day. The caller may be able to offer insight to help an individual understand that if God can do something amazing for one person, then he can most definitely do it for anyone else. So, the next time you are contemplating allowing an incoming call to become a missed call, remember it could be God using a believer or a follower to call you to speak to you. I Will, Will You?

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