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Mind Your Mind

  • Prepare yourself to have a good day, by making up your mind that it is going to be a good day.

  • How we live our life is a choice that we make.

  • Fill your mind with good thoughts and actions.

  • Lead by example, set the tone and be accountable for your actions.

  • Focus on the good example that you can set by letting go of offenses.

  • Excuse the misbehavior of others.

  • Accept the fact that there are people that will secretly despise you.

  • Let go of the hatred and take pleasure in the joy that comes with forgiveness.

  • Do not waste precious time trying to pay people back for their underhandedness.

  • You will have a high level of satisfaction and peace when you are not wasting time trying to pay people for the wrong that they have done to you. I Will, Will You?

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