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Mind Control

Are you in control of your thoughts or are your thoughts controlling you? The only way that a thought can control you is if you give it power over you. Thoughts do not have power; they are just ideas. The idea could come from how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about the other person, or what we think they believe about us. We usually react to people based on what we think of them.

Hold on to your power, you are in control of the thoughts that you have about yourself and other people. You are the one that decides if the thoughts that you have will be good or bad. When you begin to have unkind thoughts without any facts, you should dismiss those thoughts from your mind immediately.

We all tell ourselves stories about what we think, we will take a simple thought and begin to build on it. We will continue to build on that thought until our minds are consumed with nothing but the thought. The unhealthy thought that you are having may have started without any confirmed facts. If the thoughts that you have developed in your mind, are left unchecked by you, your mind will build up a story. A story that you may start to believe to be the truth. You may then become resentful, suspicious, bitter, angry, unappreciated, paranoid, and short tempered with those that you have unhealthy thoughts about. Resist the urge to allow those unhealthy thoughts to have power over you.

You should use your mind to create and build up thoughts, which are healthy, uplifting, encouraging, kind, peaceful, joyful, loving and of unity. Refuse to give the space in your mind to thoughts that are evil, does not hold any truth and could be harmful. I Will, Will You?

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