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Made Different to Be Better

As life happens and the days come and go, you should be prepared for each day to have different challenges. When the day ends, and a new day begins you will notice that each day is different. Each day is different, because there are days that the sun does not shine, the temperature is different, the lows and the highs for each day vary, other days are rainy, have hailstorms, snow, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and are cloudy.

Let's say for example that we viewed each day like we view the people that we encounter. If we compare the people that we encounter like the days of the week, we will notice that each person is different. We will notice that people are different, and their attitude changes like the weather.

Just like we prepare for the changes with the weather, we should also be prepared with how we deal with each other. We take precautions and prepare when there is a change in the weather, so why not take precautions and be prepared when we are communicating and working with each other. Every day is different, and every person is different. There are people that are like cloudy days, others like thunderstorms, hailstorms or just full of sunshine. Regardless of the varying moods, attitudes, and fluctuating temperature settings that other people have, you should not allow that to deter you from letting the best radiate from you.

To keep your focus on how different you are, you may have to remind yourself each day that you are different for a reason. The reason that you are different is for you to be better. Remind yourself that God has made you to be different, so that you will be an example of what living better looks like. I Will, Will You?

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