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Love For Self

No matter how many times I think about this I cannot understand how a person that is so flawed can find the words to be critical of others.

Their criticism of you could be how they truly feel about themselves. So as a protection measure, to keep from being exposed and prevent the conversation from turning towards them they have mastered the art of transferring the hurt and disappointment that they are feeling about themselves over to someone else.

My advice is to you is to never lose your sense of worth over comments or criticism that someone else is making about you. Remain calm, keep your composure and respond with a smile. It is also okay to correct them, but people like this are not really looking for a resolution, they are just running their mouth not caring if what they are saying has any measure of truth. Don’t take the bait when you know that what they are saying is far from the truth. They could be trying to lure you into a confrontation to make you look as foolish as they sound.

It is understandable to feel a sense of disappointment when you are judged wrongly, but you know you better than they do, so just pray for them and wish them well. You don’t have to subject yourself to criticism or the mistreatment from others just because you want to be accepted or you have a need to feel love from someone else. Love you enough to not let the words of someone else cause you to feel any different about who you are or change your mood. It is impossible for a person who doesn't like themselves to love you, they can't even like you without first liking themselves. I will have enough self-love for myself to not allow another person’s criticism of me to mean anything to me. I Will, Will You?

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