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Junk Pile

When you understand know how something works you will know how to care for it and if by chance it gets broken you will know how to put it back together. Far too often we discard things, items and in some incidents people. People that we view as of no use because we have not taken the time to understand the working components of it or them. Sometimes we can look at something without understanding it and overlook the usefulness of it. I came to the realization that just because something appears to be broken does not mean that it is useless.

Today, I was closing a package using a binder clip, as I was attaching the clip to the bag it came apart. In the pass whenever I would see a binder clip missing a wing, I would view it as of no use. However, this time I looked at the clip a little closer and noticed how it was made and that if I just pressed the binder wing back into the frame of the clip that I could fix it. I believe that we take this same approach with people. Just because they are missing an element that binds them together, we are quick to toss them way onto the junk pile.

Next time, take a closer look to get to know them to see if there is something that you can share with them to bind them back together. I Will, Will You?

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