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It is All Within

When you speak up for yourself, do you feel that your words come out as being harsh and critical? After you have spoken, do you get lost in your thoughts and now you are replaying your contribution to the conversation over in your head. Are you now thinking that you have offended the other parties to the conversation, and they now view you as being critical and a poor communicator? Relax you are probably overreacting, and your words were delivered with the proper tone and content.

The lack of confidence could be the reason that you are fearful of speaking up for yourself. Your low level of confidence will distract you and cause you to mentally leave an ongoing conversation to replay your previous comments over in your head. The other parties to the conversation are not necessarily viewing what you said as being harsh or inappropriate, they could have appreciated what you said and would love to engage with you further regarding your opinion, but you have left the conversation and are now distant.

A boost of confidence is something that we can all appreciate. Confidence is something that is in you, it is not something that you pick-up along the way. It is what you bring with you because it is already a part of who you are. You can grow your confidence, by having more beliefs in who you are. It is time for you to stop looking around for what you naturally have in you and continue to look within yourself for the confidence that you need. I Will, Will You?

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