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Is Practice Really What We Should Be Discussing?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Allen Iverson is a retired American basketball player that is known for going on a public rant on May 7, 2002 about whether they should be discussing his playing ability on the court or whether he shows up to practice with the team before the game.

I believe that practice is worth discussing and it is important because practicing helps you to improve your skills or the skills of others around you, helps you to navigate difficult tasks with ease, and creates a higher level of awareness for the need to be kinder to each other.

With practice it is possible for you to improve your skills, skills that you use in your personal or professional life. With practice you will become skilled at coping with private matters or doing your job. Practice is something that is done with the goal of getting better. It is possible to get better with how you relate to others and what you think about yourself. The improvement that you make within yourself can also have an impact on those around you.

Practice is something that if done on regular basis will help you to navigate with ease a task or to reach a goal that you are working towards. That which is done regularly gets easier the more that you practice doing it.

Practice increases your awareness of the impact that your words may have on the person that you are conversating with. Awareness of the impact that your words may have on the person that you are speaking to helps you to think before you speak and to remember to be kind when you speak. When you are aware of the impact that your words have, you will most likely reconsider the words that you are speaking. You will consider how those words will be received by the person that you are talking to. Practice helps you to be more aware of how you respond to others and whether your words are productive or destructive.

Practice is what we should be discussing as it will help to improve our skills, helps us to navigate with ease and create a higher level of awareness to be kinder to each other. Is there something that you need to practice on improving, would you like to do it with ease and be aware of the need to be kinder to others. I Will, Will You?

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