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Invisible To The World

Is it possible to be an active, contributing member of society and not be seen? How does a person become invisible to people and the world around them? An individual can become invisible to a certain segment of society due to their age, social status, appearance, or they just don’t fit in a mold of what the world sees as being worthy. It is possible that when a certain stage in life is reached an individual may become invisible to people that are different than they are. The invisible person may be viewed as not having anything to offer. The world no longer sees certain people as important or feel that they have a place at the table or in the conversation. Opinions are viewed as being outdated, played out and behind the times. No one has time to hear the voice of a person that they view as being invisible.

It is believed that the opinion of someone that is invisible is of no value. Traditions are now frowned upon as being out of touch. At one point in time, the opinion and voice of mature individuals were important, trusted and sought after. In todays’ society the world has decided to write their own story and carve out a new path for their future and plans for growth. The voice and presence of individuals are becoming invisible due to their age, social status, and appearance. Individuals that are in a different social status are invisible to others that don’t meet a certain requirement, to be a part of their social circle. Disparities are so prevalent today that organizations and communities have created diversity and inclusions programs to prevent the exclusion of others.

The bible teaches us that no one is invisible to God. Scripture reads in Hebrews 4:13 And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Differences are not good reasons to not see individuals. When individuals are considered invisible they are not appreciated, valued, their input is not welcomed, and their opinions are ignored. Everyone should be seen and appreciated because everyone is seen by God. So, the next time that temptation arises to see others as invisible, resist the urge and remember that everyone is seen by God. I Will, Will You?

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