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What are instructions and what are they for? If you have ever purchased an item that requires assembly, you would indeed have received instructions on how to put the item together. The instructions are free and are included to help you. By following the instructions provided, you should have a unit or item that will work as the seller, inventor or maker of the items has made it for.

However, if you don’t follow the instructions and just go off script putting the item together from looking at the finished image on the box, the item may or may not function correctly. Only looking at the end result without going through the steps or following the instructions provided and required for completion may not give you the end that you want. The enjoyment that you get from not following the instructions, will only be temporary, verses if you followed the instructions, you would have a sturdy item and a longer period of enjoyment.

The instructions are provided for your own good, following the instructions may reduce the time that it takes to put the item together, the item will be constructed accurately, and it will serve the function that it was intended for.

Since God is our maker and his words are the instructions for our lives, if we follow his instructions our lives, mind and bodies would function and serve the purpose that he intended for us. However, if we choose to discard the instructions that’s needed to put the new merchandise together and the instructions from God for our lives, we subject ourselves to an uncertain outcome. Not following the instructions provided could lead to wobbly equipment, unsteady merchandise, a life off track or an unbalanced life. The instructions provided are for your own good, follow them for a better outcome, an outcome that could lead to stability, less stress, and less confusion.

So, follow the free instructions that's provided. I Will, Will You?

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