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Inside Out

Have you noticed that almost everything has two sides, an inside and an outside? If you have ever purchased a piece of clothing, you will notice that the clothing has two sides. The inside is to be worn close to the body and the outside is to be worn for everyone to see. The clothing can be made up of different colors, fabrics, designs, and textures. The clothing comes with directions on how to wear it, the directions are on a tag that is on the inside. The tag that is hidden on the inside of the garment holds a wealth of information for the wearer. If you have taken the time to read the tag on the inside you would notice that the tag tells you what the garment is made of, who made the garment, how to care for it and the size. The inside is a place that also hides the seams and stitching that if it was worn on the outside would make the garment less attractive. Some clothing garments are left unfinished, rough on the inside and should never be worn on the wrong side.

If you fail to follow the care instructions your garment will not last very long and what is hidden on the inside will eventually make its way to the outside. If you neglect to follow the proper care instructions that is listed on the tag, the seams, fabric, and the stitching will become frail, and the garment will reveal what is on the inside.

Like a piece of clothing, we have an inside and an outside. We come in different textures, sizes, colors, designs, fabrics, require care and are tagged with who made us. Just like clothing, we generally hide our inside tag because we don’t want everyone to know what’s on the inside. We all have something on the inside that we are hiding from our loved ones and the world.

Just as you are expected to follow the proper wear and care directions for your clothing, you should do the same for yourself. As with our clothing if we neglect to take care of what is on the inside, it will be visible on the outside for the world to see. However, if we follow the care directions provided on our tag provided by our maker, we will keep our inside maintained for a longer period of time. According to Psalm 139:13 in the New King James Version it reads, “For you formed my inwards parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.” God knitted us together, crafted us on the inside and the outside. He also provided us with directions on how to care for our insides and outsides. Following the tag on the inside will help us to keep the outside together. I Will, Will You?

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