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Inside Job: Exposed

The stage was lined from one end to the other with young ladies, all competing for the same crown. As I studied the long line of beauty contestants on the stage one caught my attention. The one that caught my attention was not the tallest, fittest or even the prettiest by American standards but the look on her face caused me to wonder if there was something going on inside, something that only she knew about.

It's on the inside

While there are several components that go into planning an inside job the absence of a well-thought-out plan can derail the entire job. While waiting for the announcement of who would be crowned the winner of the beauty pageant, I thought deeper about all the planning that goes into inside jobs and wondered what secret she was hiding. Inside jobs involves work that is done in secret. An inside job requires a lot of planning to get all the details and steps covered to ensure that there are no setbacks and most importantly inside jobs are planned with the hopes of being successful. Putting in the necessary work to pull off an inside job provides several long-term life benefits.

Inside jobs provides more benefits than outside jobs

  • When you connect with your inter-self you begin to walk with a boldness that other people notice, but have a hard time understanding.

  • Working from the inside helps to boost your confidence.

  • It builds your planning skills; you discover that you are not dependent on others for approval.

  • Removes the pressure from needing acceptance from others.

  • You emerge from the work that you put in the job feeling accomplished.

Inside jobs offer additional benefits that are unique.

  • Draws attention and admiration from peers.

  • Your outlook on life shifts to a more positive view.

  • Improves your self-image.

  • Requires respect from others.

  • Does not settle for mediocre results.

Successful inside jobs causes others to study and want to know the steps that were taken to pull off such a brazen transformation that occurred by working from the inside. Although inside jobs are planned in secrecy, the results will be obvious for all to see.

Crafting and working an inside job is an important step for those that are dealing with self-esteem issues. A change will come in how you view yourself when you make time to address your feelings of inadequacy.

So what was behind the look on the beauty contestant's face? She was able to tap into the natural ability that God has given all of us to control our thoughts. She believed that with God all things are possible and winning that pageant was possible for her.

To get started on your inside job, set aside some time, look deep within to discover what's causing you to not feel empowered, make a plan, then make a change to improve your thoughts and how you feel about yourself.

Are you ready to put in the work to pull off your inside job, I Will, Will You?

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