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Have you ever heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses,” what about the phrase “stop to admire the blooming impatiens,” probably not because I just made that up. If you have ever stopped to admire these plants, you will notice that both plants bloom at their appointed time.

In some ways we are like plants when it comes to our time to bloom. Patience is golden when it comes to waiting for something to happen that we have envisioned. However, when you just do not have the patience to wait for it to happen naturally you rush or miss the opportunity when it is time for you to bloom. You miss the opportunity, because of your inability to be patient. You may feel that it is necessary for you to speed up the process by making your own plans, taking a different path or a short cut, but you only delay the process.

When you decide to make your own plans and take a different path you derail the best laid plans that God already has in the works for you. Your plans and path may take you far away from what you had your eyes set on. While on your own path you may find yourself scrambling, struggling, distracted, and continuing to take wrong turns, while trying to make things happen your way. In most cases your act of impatience leads to frustrations, and disappointments.

Once you finally bloom and take a long look back on what it took to get where you are, and to get what you wanted, you may discover that you missed an opportunity because you made your own plans and took your own path.

You may realize that as time goes on; that if you had just waited for things to bloom the way they were meant to. That thing that you wanted; would have come to you the way you first envisioned that it would come. It would come minus the frustrations and disappointments that you experienced by taking your own path.

So, the next time that you set your eyes on something that you really want, don’t get impatient, you should know in your heart and in your spirit that it's going to happen. You should not get in a rush and take things into your own hands. Don’t do things your way by taking shortcuts and deviating from the path of doing what's right, just hold on, be patient, wait to bloom at the right time and you will have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of God's promises. I Will, Will You?

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