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How Do You Get What You Need to Thrive?

Plants thrive when they are given the proper care. The life and longevity of the average plant depends on the type of care that is given to it. When the basic care that a plant requires is not provided, the plant will eventually begin to wither and may die. However, before the plant withers or die it will show signs that it has a need and requires care and nourishment. The need maybe visible in the dryness of the soil or yellowing of the leaves to indicate that the plant has a need of water or fertilizer. When the soil that the plant lives in, gets hard and dry, you must add some type of liquid to it to keep the soil moist with the hope of revitalizing the plant

Although the plant is nonverbal, it can communicate that it has a need by the signs that it shows. Just like with almost all living creatures or plants when there is a lack of care and nourishment it will show signs that it has a need.

Just like plants, we humans show signs of lack of care and nourishment by our appearances too. The signs that we show can be in our dress attire, motivation, refusal to communicate, mental attitudes, low morale, lack of sparkle in the eyes, look of sadness, spiritual weakness, and lack of joy. Each of these signs shown by humans, could leave them looking withered and lacking growth. Once the needs are met the appearance will begin to change and the life of humans will change for the better.

However, humans don’t have to depend solely on showing signs, since they are verbal and can communicate their needs by speaking what they want or need, but often humans miss opportunities to communicate their needs. Humans miss opportunities to get their needs met when they have the expectation that others should know what their needs are, just by looking at them. Humans are not plants and should speak their concerns and their requirements for care. Just like plants humans will begin to thrive again once their needs are met and the proper care and nourishment is given. So, the next time that you have a need for care or nourishment speak what you want and get what you need to thrive. I Will, Will You?

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