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Holding On to Hope

Hope is a state of mind that leads to an attitude of possibilities. The attitude of possibilities produces the confidence required to create a plan of action. The acquired confidence is the driving force to a clear path for the desired outcome when the mind is placed on the one that is the source of all hope.

The feeling of hope can be strengthened by believing that there are solutions available for every situation, and there is someone that should be trusted for a source of hope. Being hopeful provides a level of assurance and eases and then erases unnecessary worry and concern from the mind. When the mind is free from worry and concern it allows the mind to explore the possibilities that will lead to a path for a successful outcome and places confidence on the one that can provide an answer.

Each situation has many different options that can lead to a successful result. The successful result can happen immediately or be a long-term solution. Regardless of the timeframe, along with the obstacles that’s present you must always keep your mind focused on the belief that possibilities to achieve success are possible and available for your situation. Believing that possibilities exist for every and all situations, is a good practice to do. Following this practice will keep the mind from being distracted and overburdened with the current situation that may have a person feeling overwhelmed.

Living with a state of mind that’s overburdened, prevents the mind from seeing the possibilities clearly, because more energy is put into the current situation and not the desired outcome. The first step is to acknowledge that, this is where you are, but the most important thing is to stay focused on where you want to end up. Having the confidence to know that regardless of what the situation is, or what it looks like, getting over that hurdle is possible if a solid plan is put in place that is full of hope and determination.

The bible is a good source that provides instructions on how to handle issues that feel out of reach and teaches the importance of practicing patience and being hopeful when it comes to how long it takes to reach your desired outcome. It reads in Romans 8:25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. The successful outcome is not seen now, but remaining hopeful while waiting allows the wait to be done with patience. Keeping the mindset free from feelings of being rushed, overburdened, and overwhelmed is the best approach to take. I Will, Will You?

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