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Happy New Year!

As the last few days of 2021 dwindles down there might be talk of making positive changes for the new year. In the next few days, we will embark upon the beginning of a new year that to some will feel like a fresh start.

To welcome in the new year, there will be celebrations of all kinds. The excitement of seeing a new year, will have people professing to make positive changes. The changes that are made are called resolutions. The making of resolutions for a new year is a common occurrence, but often do not last the entire year.

A New Year resolution can be a big change or something small, whichever you choose it should be a resolution that you can sustain and one that you are comfortable with.

People often make resolutions to eat healthier, stop smoking, lose weight, save money, be more charitable, live better and improve how they treat others.

Whatever you resolve to do, I believe that the year 2022 should be the year to resolve and dissolve conflicts. I Will, Will You?

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