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Give Thanks

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Are you giving thanks for all that you have and all the trials that you have gone through?

Living without giving thanks will cause you to look at your current situation with no appreciation for what you have or what you have gone through. Regardless of what you have and how you view it you should always give thanks. One reason why you should give thanks is because there is always someone that is worse off than you. The people that are worse off than you, are envying what you have. While they are envying what you have, they feel that only if they had what you have that they would be happy. You have not noticed yet, but someone is watching and admiring you. From pure observation your admirers believe that you have made it.

Continuing to overlook, not appreciate. failing to give thanks for what you currently have and treating what you have as if it is not enough or good enough, you will go through life wasting precious time. You will be waiting to enjoy your life. You should live a life, well lived, give thanks for what you have even if it’s not all that you think it should be, just remember you have more than most, you have life, breath, and good health.

Remember to give thanks, even when you feel that you deserve more. I Will, Will You?

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